Framing and Drywall Services in California

Professional US Drywall

Rearranging walls can change the look, feel and function of any space. When you are ready to take away old walls or put in new ones, call Paintworks. We have a special team trained and experienced in working with framing and drywall. Whether you have or want galvanized steel framing for a new room or want to level a wall or ceiling, we are prepared for the job, and we can replace water-damaged or flawed drywall seamlessly.

Drywall Installation and Replacement

Newly installed or repaired drywall restores a room to an inviting space for living, entertaining and working. When it comes to drywall, we’ve done it all, including installing moisture resistant drywall and concrete board. We take our time to protect your floors and hallways before any work begins or we even bring materials and tools inside. We stand behind our work with a warranty, too.

Framing and Sheetrock Services

New wall construction

Drywall installation

Sheetrock installation

Metal framing

Wood framing

Drywall framing

Heavy gauge framing

J Bead Installation

Drywall taping

Seam taping, plastering, sanding

Purple board Installation

Green board Installation

Concrete board Installation

Drywall remodeling

Drywall hanging

Drywall removal

Drywall Patching

Let us take care of your drywall patching needs, and you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your walls are in expert hands. Whether it’s for your residential or commercial space, we’ve got you covered.

Home and Commercial Drywall Contractors in California

Removing Walls and Doors

  1. Messy work, we conquer with grace, no challenge too wide,
  2. Old drywall, frames, doors, trim—carted away with pride.
  3. Cleaning up the canvas, a fresh start for the renovation race,
  4. Our expert carpenters refine edges, corners, and space.
  5. Where walls once stood, seamless finishes, a sight to abide,
  6. Like it was destined, every detail meticulously aligned.
  7. With passion and precision, our artistry shines, a masterpiece implied.

Framing for Walls and Doors

  1. Excellent planning, the cornerstone, our guide and pride,
  2. Precision measurements, every detail, we confide.
  3. Square and parallel, the foundation we lay,
  4. Optimum results, each step, the grand display.
  5. Wood planks anchored, a symphony of care,
  6. Embracing the adage, “measure twice and cut once,” we dare.
  7. Enthusiastically crafting, with expertise, our carpenters’ flair.

Drywall Installation

  1. With determination, we carry 4 x 8′ sheets, a weighty task, into the space,
  2. ½-inch thick, 52 pounds each, a challenge to embrace and face.
  3. Our carpenters unite, measuring, placing, and securing with precision,
  4. Tackling the awkwardness, they create walls of seamless vision.
  5. Cutting and patching, an art they know well,
  6. Taping and spackling, transforming the space, a story to tell.
  7. From “how hard can it be?” to a masterpiece complete, Together, 

Prep for Painting

  1. With confidence, we assure the best, a result beyond compare,
  2. Smooth and dust-free, new drywall shines, a canvas to prepare.
  3. Primed with care, paint will adhere, undisturbed by time’s dance,
  4. Temperature and humidity won’t mar, our excellence in advance.
  5. High-quality brushes and rollers, in hands so skilled,
  6. Expert painters cut in edges, each stroke, a dream fulfilled.
  7. Applying paint with mastery, coats just right, a masterpiece unveiled.